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How to copy, customize & export your Canva template
How to make a copy
You can save a copy of the template by selecting "File" > "Make a Copy."
When the title of the document changes to "Copy of..." it is safe to begin editing the document.

Select the shape you wish to modify so that it is outlined as seen on the right photo. Navigate to the top left-hand corner to select the Document Colors palette, where you can select a default color, a brand color, or begin creating your own color. Then, press "Enter."

Select the text box that you wish to change. You will notice a menu of options appear at the top of your browser. Use the drop-down menus to select a font and text size. Select the color palette to change the color of the text.

The menu also contains options to make your text bold or italic, align it to the left, right or centre of the text box, and make it all-caps. You can also add bullets, or increase the spacing between the letters and the lines of text.

To add an image to your templates, select the "Upload" button from the sidebar, click the "Upload your own images" button, and select the new image in it's location on your computer.
Click and drag the image from the sidebar into the image frame. To adjust the position of your image once it's in the frame, double-click the image frame, scale and adjust to your liking, then click the "check" icon to set it in place.
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